One Year Down the Series of Tubes

I launched this site one year ago today. To be sure, I felt like my small but growing business needed a web presence, but it was mostly an excuse to restart my blogging that began at Shoegnome and continued at ALL CAPS’ tumblr. I averaged a little over one post per week during this first year, and I’m ready to evolve this website to what it needs to be going forward.

The blog will be getting reorganized with new categories and tags to make it easier to find stuff. I’ll also be shifting the focus of my writing as I have a growing backlog of articles that are more specific to ALL CAPS’ line of work, which is helping chain concepts (with an emphasis on restaurant chains) doing rollout development. So expect to see more blog posts on that kind of subject matter, and of course a smattering of the other random stuff I’ve written about over the past year — I am, after all, a generalist in a generalist’s profession.

While I’ve previously posted about your favorite articles, which you should absolutely check out if you haven’t already, today I’ll put out a list of my favorite articles from this first year back at the blog. So, here we go in no particular order, and it’s a short list since I’m my own worst critic:

👽 2 Future 4 U: A Perspective on Technology, Production, and Business Models in Architecture

I arrived at a similar conclusion that many others have regarding how architecture’s business model should evolve in the future, but I got there from a different perspective, and I like that perspective a lot.

🪨 Guest Post: Unfrozen Cavemen Architect Takes Issue with Our “Modern” Drawing Techniques

Architects who take issue with digital drawing and production techniques (we’re “losing beauty”, it’s “unnatural”, whatever — pick your trope) are stupid, and that’s an indisputable fact. If you’re one of these people, Unfrozen Caveman Architect has a few choice words for you about how dumb your hand-drawing techniques are to his generation.

🎪 “We Need to Talk About Your Flair” — The Story of Chain Restaurant Design: Exteriors Edition

This was a great repurposing of some old notes from a design exercise I did a few years ago. I love this article and I hope to do an interiors edition sooner rather than later.

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