Do You Have All the Plans You Need?

Of course that new project of yours has floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, roof plans, even more — no shortage of plans. We always make sure we’ve got all the plans…for the design and its deliverables. What about the plans we need for everything else the business of architecture throws at us?

Do you have a plan for…

…how you’ll deal with the lowest bidding GC who plans on leveraging (non) RFIs to make up for their low-ball bid?

…what you’ll tell your client when the person next to them on their flight turns their head to a new firm that’s “much more capable” than yours?

…what you’ll say when the CM asks if the vendors can pull information from your BIM to help with their procurement?

…when the RFP says you need to talk about your firm’s diversity initiatives?

…how you’ll engage the young staffer who expresses frustration with their current work and wants to be more involved in the big decisions that go into the project?

…when the FM asks to utilize the BIM after substantial completion?

…what happens when your file server(s) get locked up with malware and you need the files on them for the big deadline?

…when the client asks you to provide a database of their projects with visualization of project delivery performance?

…what you’ll do when your software vendor sunsets your apps?

…how you’ll stay on top of the underperforming project team member who could derail budget and/or schedule?

…where you want to be with your architecture career and/or business in the five to ten years?

…what happens when a state of emergency requires all staff to work from home instead of going to the firm’s office? (oops, too late)

…how you could improve the efficiency of your project delivery process to remain competitive in a market where fees are being greatly reduced across the board?

…when the client who loves your work asks you to help R&D non-building design problems?

…everything else? (and there’s lots more)

If you are seeing your workload lighten, what a great time to work on all the plans.

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