Virtual Design Department

Architects are the generalists of any project delivery team, leveraging their knowledge of real estate, design, and construction.

ALL CAPS combines this generalist approach with beautiful and functional design to drive the mission of a great Design Department.

How Can a Virtual Design Department Help Your Chain Concept?

There are two types of clients that benefit from an ALL CAPS Virtual Design Department:

Emerging Concept Icon

The Emerging Chain Concept

Emerging concepts need to be vigilant about how they allocate every development dollar they spend and often don’t have the funds or the desire to take on an in-house Design Department. ALL CAPS Virtual Design Department services help level the playing field for these emerging concepts by allowing them to leverage decades of design and development expertise and technology-driven workflows just like a large, sophisticated chain.

Established Concept Icon

The Established & Quickly Expanding Chain Concept

Established chain concepts that are undergoing periods of rapid growth often have trouble staffing their Design Departments with well-qualified design and development professionals who can keep up with the pace of a rollout without compromising on design, budget, and schedule. ALL CAPS Virtual Design Department Services help these concepts for the short term, or longer if needed, by keeping design and development moving along without hitting speed bumps along the way.

What Does a Virtual Design Department Do?

Development Process Icon

Establish & Maintain the Development Process

ALL CAPS can design and maintain the process by which your chain goes from identifying new markets, to finding prospective locations, to designing a new location, getting permits, getting bids, building, stocking, and handing off to your operations team for opening.

Mange Design Icon

Mange Design

We coordinate with your team of real estate and construction professionals as we manage architecture and engineering consultants — as well as vendors — to ensure your concept’s new locations meet Design Criteria and come in on schedule and on budget.

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Represent Design in Your Organization

Our Virtual Design Department ensures you have a highly-qualified design professional at the table to provide unique insights into business challenges and a trusted partner as you plan out your concept’s next moves.