One Year Down the Series of Tubes

I launched this site one year ago today. To be sure, I felt like my small but growing business needed a web presence, but it was mostly an excuse to restart my blogging that began at Shoegnome and continued at ALL CAPS’ tumblr. I averaged a little over one post per week during this first year, and I’m ready to evolve this website to what it needs to be going forward.

The blog will be getting reorganized with new categories and tags to make it easier to find stuff. I’ll also be shifting the focus of my writing as I have a growing backlog of articles that are more specific to ALL CAPS’ line of work, which is helping chain concepts (with an emphasis on restaurant chains) doing rollout development. So expect to see more blog posts on that kind of subject matter, and of course a smattering of the other random stuff I’ve written about over the past year — I am, after all, a generalist in a generalist’s profession.

While I’ve previously posted about your favorite articles, which you should absolutely check out if you haven’t already, today I’ll put out a list of my favorite articles from this first year back at the blog. So, here we go in no particular order, and it’s a short list since I’m my own worst critic:

👽 2 Future 4 U: A Perspective on Technology, Production, and Business Models in Architecture

I arrived at a similar conclusion that many others have regarding how architecture’s business model should evolve in the future, but I got there from a different perspective, and I like that perspective a lot.

🪨 Guest Post: Unfrozen Cavemen Architect Takes Issue with Our “Modern” Drawing Techniques

Architects who take issue with digital drawing and production techniques (we’re “losing beauty”, it’s “unnatural”, whatever — pick your trope) are stupid, and that’s an indisputable fact. If you’re one of these people, Unfrozen Caveman Architect has a few choice words for you about how dumb your hand-drawing techniques are to his generation.

🎪 “We Need to Talk About Your Flair” — The Story of Chain Restaurant Design: Exteriors Edition

This was a great repurposing of some old notes from a design exercise I did a few years ago. I love this article and I hope to do an interiors edition sooner rather than later.


January, 2021 Beer Can ABI Starts the New Year Off with Sub-50 Numbers and Crappy Beer

It looks like the first Beer Can ABI for 2021 has arrived with the same crappy beer we suffered through in 2020. Didn’t we just decide we’re all workers and nothing more? Pick up the pace, people so we can drink like the good ol’ days of 2019!


December, 2020 Beer Can ABI Remains Stuck Below 50 — This Beer’s So Weak We Can’t Get Drunk

The December 2020 Beer Can ABI numbers were delayed a day due to the inauguration, but they’re so bad it would’ve been better to bury the lede and just put them out that day and no one would notice. So we remain in the realm of beer so cheap and weak that cases of it couldn’t get us drunk, which is exactly what we need when getting slapped in the face by these depressing numbers.


Inauguration Bernie 2D Entourage Free Download

I wished upon a tweet and granted myself my wish. I present to you Inauguration Bernie entourage ready to download and insert in your next presentation drawing.


November, 2020 Beer Can ABI Plunges — We’re Running Low on Cheap Beer

The November ALL CAPS Beer Can ABI took a step in the wring direction following months of progress towards the land of actual good beer. At this point, we’ve been so down for so long that we’re running low on cheap beer options. If only Costco still made Kirko Sigs Light…


October, 2020 Beer Can ABI Brings Good Beer and Not So Good Beer

October’s ALL CAPS Beer Can ABI brought us mixed signals, with design contracts firmly over the line into quality beer territory as billings lag behind and are still sipping the crap beers.

Since Midwest firms lead the way back to good beer, we’ll salute this part of the country with Three Floyd’s legendary Alpha King. Cheers! We ain’t drank this good since February! 🍻


September, 2020 Beer Can ABI Continues to Languish in Cheap Beer Territory

The post-lockdown dip into the cheapo beers for the ALL CAPS Beer Can ABI continues in the latest beer can stack from September. As the Beer Can ABI enters the upper 40s, we are seeing a changeover into “ironic cool” cheap beer, which is good news, but still a ways to go in this recovery. It feels like an eternity since we enjoyed quality brewskis.

As always, remember that the more we bill, the bigger the stack of beer cans and the better the quality of those beers. 🍻


The ALL CAPS Beer Can ABI – August, 2020

Let’s visualize AIA’s ABI as beer cans. Here’s last month’s ABI alongside this year’s previous numbers. For as long as we’re below 50 on these numbers, we’ll be stacking the cheap cans.

If you have a preferred (canned) beverage, let me know and I’ll include it in future visualizations. Remember: the more we bill, the bigger the stack of beer cans.


Introducing the ALL CAPS “Will I Get Paid?” Index

I’m on a roll with the economic indicators here, so…

I thought about this out loud on Twitter a while back and now I’m ready to introduce this novel(ty) index that tells us how likely active clients are to start defaulting on our invoices, an important tool to have in “these challenging times” for sure.

Here’s how it works: I’ll take the AIA’s current ABI and CCF numbers, have shot of Stolli, and then I’ll put on an album from Yello and dance for a few minutes. From there, information pops out that tells us something about the likelihood of getting stiffed on an invoice. Pretty magical, huh!?

And Now, The Inaugural “Will I Get Paid?” Index

Index Readings

The Index uses a five-point scale:

  • 5 – 🤑 Hell, invoice the next 12 months — it’s ALL GREAT!
  • 4 – 😁 The accounting staff have never had it so easy!
  • 3 – 🙂 Normal times, no worries.
  • 2 – 😦 Better wrap up invoicing quick, it’s not looking good out there…
  • 1 – 🤕 Oh, shit — emails to client bounce and their phone is disconnected!


The ALL CAPS White Claw ABI – July, 2020

Let’s visualize AIA’s ABI as White Claw cans. Here’s last month’s ABI alongside this year’s previous numbers. As the industry continues to struggle, we’re stuck in the low-brow aisle of the liquor store. Hopefully the ABI will be back at or above 50 soon so we can use some classier cans.

If you have a preferred (canned) beverage, let me know and I’ll include it in future visualizations. Remember: the more we bill, the bigger the stack of beer cans.