Design Criteria

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Design Criteria is the instruction manual for how a chain concept designs each of its locations. ALL CAPS specializes in providing best-in-industry Design Criteria services to its chain clients.

What Goes into Design Criteria?

There are several components of Design Criteria that are necessary for great development outcomes, here’s a high-level view of what that looks like:

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Deliverables Outline

A detailed list of deliverables an organization requires for each incremental step of their development process. 

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All of the fixtures, furnishings, equipment, and finishes that go into an chain concept’s design.

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Open-format documents to be used by external consultants and vendors involved in the development process.

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Basis of Design Information

Technical data for all of the systems in a chain concept’s design and other program requirements.

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Design Guide

A concisely written and illustrated manual that explains a chain concept’s design concept.

What Does Great Design Criteria Do for Your Business?

Simply put, Design Criteria is the roadmap to pre- and post-launch success. Design Criteria maps the process for your consulting architects, engineers, and vendors. With Design Criteria as the guiding compass, we don’t get lost — organizations with poorly executed Design Criteria frequently go over budget or fall behind schedule.